Top 10 Best WordPress Page Builders in 2022

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It’s no secret that WordPress page builders are all the rage in the internet marketing and website design communities these days. The reason why this trend has caught on so quickly? It’s because building quality websites with WordPress just got easier than ever before! With WordPress page builders, you can easily create high-quality, visually-appealing pages in no time at all—no coding required! And since WordPress page builders exist to make your life easier, there are tons of them available today to choose from on the market, each with its own unique functionality and style of use.

1) Elementor

Elementor is one of those rare products that has managed to gain both commercial and critical success. The platform is fast, versatile, easy to use, and packed with features. Elementor also supports a range of customization options, including extensions and templates. With an active development team constantly introducing new features into its toolbox, Elementor is set to continue as one of the best page builders for years to come. The company boasts over three million users across more than 140 countries, making it one of (if not) the most popular page builders available on today’s market.

2) LandingCube

LandingCube is one of many page builders available on WordPress. It can be used to create any kind of page and allows you to choose from a variety of templates. You’ll also be able to select from different components that are designed to allow you to change colors, fonts, and more. There are literally thousands of combinations available with LandingCube; however, it does require some coding knowledge for those who want total control over how their website looks (not recommended for beginners). LandingCube is geared toward those who want a very professional-looking site without having to hire someone else for help—and it does an excellent job at that. If you know how to code and need complete control over your website design and functionality, consider using LandingCube as your page builder.

3) Divi

Divi is one of our top-rated page builders for a reason. Its parent company, Elegant Themes, is constantly innovating and Divi itself has a whole lot to offer. Whether you’re looking for a simple text or image block or something more complex, like an accordion or countdown box, Divi can handle it with ease. It also boasts some useful third-party plugins and has a number of interesting features that are still unique to it, including split screens and inner rows. Bottom line: If you’re serious about your WordPress page builder—and if you want all of the possible bells and whistles—then Divi should be at the top of your list.

4) SiteOrigin’s Slider Framework

WordPress is known for its extensibility, and a lot of that extensibility revolves around page builders. A page builder is a plugin that allows you to design WordPress pages using an interface akin to desktop software like Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. Examples include Elementor and Divi from Elegant Themes (the company behind Foundr). While page builders are very popular with many users, not all of them are equal. Some are poorly designed, some have limited features, some get frequent updates while others don’t. That’s why we’ve created a list of the top ten best WordPress page builders in 2022 based on quality, usability, and popularity to help you find what works best for your needs!

5) Beaver Builder

With a user-friendly drag and drop interface, Beaver Builder is both easy to learn and fun to use. You can build basic pages without any coding experience, but it also comes with a visual editor, meaning you don’t have to know how to code if you don’t want to. WordPress page builders help users create complex websites without having to worry about coding – so they’re best for designers looking for an extra edge. They tend to be more expensive than regular templates, but their price reflects all that goes into creating them, including design hours and coders.

6) WPBakery

With over 300,000 active installs and a 4.9-star rating with users and 5-star reviews from industry experts, WPBakery is top of mind when it comes to page builders. The tool includes both drag-and-drop visual builders and custom code editing tools so users can choose how they want to build out their pages. WPBakery also boasts a marketplace for thousands of templates that include everything from parallax designs to forms, sliders, headers, footers, and more. If you’re looking for a way to bring your ideas alive online without spending time learning code, WPBakery is an excellent choice!

7) Visual Composer

This page builder from WP Bakery is popular with WordPress experts. With its drag-and-drop functionality, Visual Composer (often abbreviated as VC) allows users to visually create their content. Users can move elements around on a grid and build new pages using more than 40 different elements. If that isn’t enough, VC also has thousands of user-made plugins and templates available for purchase. This feature alone helps Visual Composer take first place on our list of best WordPress page builders in 2022.

8) Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual editor that allows you to see what your website will look like as you build it. It’s super easy to use, which makes it a perfect option for beginners. All you have to do is drag and drop elements into place, then add text or images where needed. You’ll be able to change styles (or themes) on-the-fly if you don’t like how something looks, meaning you can make adjustments until everything looks exactly how you want it to.

9) Themify Builder

Themify is a drag-and-drop builder that lets you easily customize layouts, fonts, and colors. The mobile app is particularly well designed—you can even preview your theme on your device without having to publish it. Themify offers an array of templates—over 100 at last count—so there’s plenty of variety for a range of project types and skill levels. Best of all, Themify comes with a 14-day free trial and will let you build an unlimited number of websites using their platform for $39 per month after that (and includes unlimited support). There’s also a special offer right now that offers two years free when you pay upfront for 12 months.

10) Wysija Lite

Wysija Lite is a free plugin that offers a full set of tools to edit, manage and create your contact forms, opt-in forms, surveys, polls, and mailing lists. With its built-in analytics system you can easily track your form’s performance and get information on who viewed it (and why they didn’t fill it out), who filled it out, and what action was taken (did they click on a link or download an attachment?). With Wysija Lite you can start small and grow big with powerful features like integrations with MailChimp, Zapier, Google Analytics, and more. Free up more time to focus on growing your business by using Wysija lite to manage all your contact forms from one place. Available for free!


The top 10 best WordPress page builders are going to be either entirely free or very inexpensive because they use new technology and trends that are introduced. They will also focus on being a minimal but capable interface. Here is a list of some of our most highly recommended best WordPress page builders for 2022: Light, Weebly, Squarespace and Wix. In addition, there are many others who do really well like TimberCMS and Pippity. However, here we will be listing our picks for the best WordPress page builders for people who want to get a site up fast and don’t want to pay someone else to build their site from scratch (however there is still a way that you can hire one).

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